12 things that may pop into your head during a PT session

Think during a gym session
PT sessions are the time where you can really push yourself! There’s no time to waste and you certainly won’t have time to breathe… A gym session with a buddy or on your own is great, but nobody will push you as much as a personal trainer will and that’s the beauty of it. At Pioneer Fitness, we have multi-award winning personal trainers to help you along your journey and push you to help reach your weight loss goals.
So, what might pop into your head during a personal training session? Do these sound familiar to you? Maybe you thought you were the only one?
I’m pumped – On the way to your PT session, or as you arrive for the PT session you feel extremely pumped and ready to go. You seem to have lots of energy and you’re bounding around the place. You feel great and you can’t wait to start!
Oh My God, that’s the warm up? – So, you’ve done the warm up and you’re kind of worn out already. Whether you’re a beginner or not, the warm up can sometimes be tiring in itself!
How am I sweating already? – Not everybody will get this, but if you’re anything like myself then you definitely will. It’s only been the warm up and you’re just getting started, but it appears you’re already sweating like mad! How did this happen?!
Why is everyone else not as worn out as me? – Nobody focuses on anybody else at Pioneer fitness, and all of us help to push each other along. Sometimes during a PT session, or a class you might feel as though you’re the only one who is absolutely worn out… Don’t worry, everybody feels the same!
How many more? – There will come a point when you’ll be asking yourself, or your trainer HOW MANY MORE?! You might only be on the second set out of five, and it will begin to feel like mission impossible…
What have I done to deserve this?! – PAIN! WHY OH WHY?!
There’s more?! – You think you’re coming to the end of the session, but wait… there’s more!
I’m going to be sick… – If you’re really pushing yourself and your body isn’t used to intense exercise, you might feel as though you’re going to chunder… Keep pushing!
PUSH! Nearly there!! – As you know that you’re coming towards the end, you’ll get a burst of energy and push yourself because the light is in sight and you’re almost done!
… Need. Water. – Of course, you should be drinking water throughout training, but at the end, you never thought you could be such a lover of the stuff.
That was horrible, but I feel BRILLIANT! – Put aside the pain and hour of hard work, you’ll now feel brilliant, and get the buzz for more… and that’s why we do it!
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