3 tips for belly blitz!

Tips for belly blitz
You may find yourself doing lots of cardio, but your belly fat isn’t going anywhere any time fast. Making sure that you focus on the stomach area and having specialised exercises for your abs to burn fat, will definitely help you to move the fat a lot quicker than cardio. We want you to know that it’s not just about the exercise that you put in, in order to lose the belly fat… it goes deeper than that!
  1. Crank up the cardio
How much cardio are you doing at the moment? Maybe you’re not doing any? Cardio is definitely an important part in battling the bulge and will help to speed up your metabolism and burn fat. Starting the day with a morning run will set you up for a great day and your metabolism will be woken up first thing, ready to burn off calories, which is exactly what you want!
  1. Work those muscles
There are lots of different abdominal work outs that you can do in order to achieve a tighter stomach. Typically, most of us will go for some standard sit ups and crunches, but of course this can get boring after a while and our muscles will get used to the exercise. Having a varied abdominal workout will allow your muscles to constantly be worked and be on the road to being a lot tighter and toned.
  1. Nutrition
It’s extremely important that you have a healthy and nutritious diet to have the stomach that you dream of! Stopping eating to get a flat stomach will not do your health any good and most definitely won’t be a long term option.
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