5 reasons why having a gym buddy will help!

Gym buddy
A buddy system is always a good idea! Whether it’s for kids crossing the street, or having a partner at the gym! Here’s our top 5 reasons why we think having a gym buddy will help you achieve your weight loss goals!
Not only letting yourself down
When you have a gym buddy, you would probably arrange a few days in advance what days you’ll be going to the gym. This means that your buddy now has plans with YOU. If you don’t feel like going to the gym on the day, not only will you be letting yourself down, but you’ll also be letting your buddy down too. The thought of letting somebody else down as well as yourself is a bit more pressing, so you’ll probably face the fear and head on down to the gym, especially with a little encouragement from your bud.
This isn’t strictly true for everybody, but for a lot of us who are on a weight loss path, competitiveness might start to kick in. Whether you want to run faster or further, get more reps done or even sweat more, there is always room for a little friendly competition in the gym. Personally, my gym buddy and I have a biggest loser competition every week, so we always make sure that we work extra hard in the gym.
Extra encouragement
Along the way of your weight loss journey, you will definitely need some extra encouragement. Having somebody spur you along whilst they’re working just as hard is a really great feeling. You’ll now have the chance to also encourage them and help your buddy on their journey too. It’s a two way street and you’ll both feel great and put in maximum energy in your sessions as long as you’re encouraging each other.
If you’re looking to do weights in the gym, then it’s crucial to have a gym buddy with you for safety, so that they can spot you. Having somebody there with you will allow you to push further because they will also be there for you and can help take the pressure off of the weight if you can’t do it yourself, which of course can be extremely dangerous.
Sharing the same weight loss journey
When you start getting into the gym, it’s a new road for you and your new lifestyle and you’ll want to share it with someone! You’ll find you enjoy conversations about the gym, and what you’ve been eating or new recipes that you’ve tried. Having a gym buddy will mean that you can share all of these experiences with them, and they can share theirs with you. Again, a two way street where you’ll both benefit.
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