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Merseyside Health Wellbeing Programme

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We believe in exercise for everyone so this organisation was set up to provide exercise and well-being sessions for residents from the local area by promoting health benefits through the provision of fitness and well-being.

Our objectives are to provide structured exercise sessions, fitness and lifestyle advice to the community and make structured exercise programmes and well-being sessions accessible to everyone.

Through these activities we aim to:

  • Improve the health and well-being of the local community
  • Increase in the number of people taking part in physical activity
  • Enable participants to experience health benefits related to taking part in regular exercise
  • sessions – Offering subsidized exercise and well-being sessions to remove the financial barriers
How far we have come…

We have been working in partnership with several local “Friends of” Park groups for over 12 months running subsidized Community Fitness sessions. The sessions have gone from strength to strength, we started off with 11 participants in one park. 12 months later, we have 25 participants in that same park, the sessions have been rolled out across 4 other parks within Sefton, and we are in the early stages of discussions with several “Friends groups” from Liverpool. The sessions are attended by participants aged between 9-85, some who haven’t exercised for years, others who are regular exercisers and just wanted to try something different. We pride ourselves in offering something different than the stereotypical boot- camp style fitness sessions, we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the resources within their communities to live longer, healthier lives.

Our sessions were awarded the Echo Environment Community Health & the Environment Award at their annual ceremony in May 2014.

From our sessions we have demonstrated that there is an un-met need for this type of activity. We can also demonstrate extensive evidence of the success/benefits of this project from our previous sessions.

By running Community Fitness Sessions, it encourages community engagement, promotes health
lifestyles, increases confidence and empowers participants to use existing facilities to get more active, as well as developing a support network amongst participants.
Most fitness sessions are expensive, which prevents those on limited incomes
to afford to attend them. The intention of running subsidized sessions is to introduce people to exercise.

The sessions are aimed at improving residents’ health and well-being, increasing physical activity, and help address a range of lifestyle conditions such as heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Sessions are linked to improving a person’s mood and self-esteem in all ages and reduce the prevalence of physical inactivity that leads to higher rates of illnesses such as heart disease, obesity and heart related illnesses. A recent survey highlighted that over half of adults are currently overweight or obese (56% adults), 37% overweight and 19% obese or very obese.