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 Luke George


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  • Sport specific training
  • Weight loss and nutrition
  • Core strength
  • Strength and power training
  • Muscular endurance


I am a young determined up and coming personal trainer who has been in and around the fitness industry for over ten years. Playing academy and professional level football since the age of ten I have worked with professional athletes looking to push themselves beyond the limits to reach there individual goals. Since day one I have always shown a personal interest in the physical side of my game which has lead me to finding out more and more about the wide variety of exercise that can be used to achieve different individual goals. As I believe every individual is different and will benefit from different techniques I will assess your goals and level of fitness before creating you an individual training plan. I am a massive believer that hard work, commitment and persistence can achieve any goal, so what better feeling is there other than achieving what you want from hard work!


Level 2 fitness coaching

Level 3 personal training

NVQ level 3 sports science

Level 2 coaching badges



“In June 2012 i had a desire to begin amateur boxing. At the time i found myself over weight and as a result wasn’t able to train for a sustainable time. This was detrimental to my confidence and as a result i lacked motivation to train. I knew Luke took his training seriously with his demanding lifestyle, so I got in the gym with him and began shadowing him. I loved training with him and watching his attitude and determination to become better everyday.this in itself motivated me.

I ended up loosing weight and become more toned which allowed me to start back in the boxing gym.This motivation has continued to this day where i still look forward to each gym session as though its my first time!I have absolutely no doubt now that he’s started personal training he’s the the ideal trainer to push you that little bit harder in order to see results or to start you off and begin your journey on reaching them goals you never thought you could.” Matthew Lennon

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