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Certain foods are fantastic for our bodies, both inside and out… so we should be eating more of them, right? Our bodies are our temples and we need to look after them… we only get one! Not only are nutritious foods lower in calories, but they also offer unique health boons and keep our body looking its best. So, what are these miracle foods that you should be getting plenty of?
Green beans – as they’re very high in fibre it will help you to keep the weight down, even if you’re not dieting! A study showed that women who ate plenty of green beans and changed nothing else in their diet lost weight, whereas the women that had a lower fibre intake had weight gain.
Salmon – Boost your skins defences against UV damage with Salmon and Tuna. Scientists believe that omega-3s act as a shield protecting cell walls from free-radical damage.
Blueberries – If you eat a cup of berries, every day then you will increase your levels of good HDL Cholesterol and blood pressure… definitely two positives when it comes to health!
Watermelon – It’s proven that those foods that contain high water levels allow you to feel fuller for longer on less amount of calories. As well as being a high water level fruit, it also provides us with great antioxidants and is a great source of vitamin C!
Tomatoes – Eating plenty of foods that have high levels of vitamin C such as tomatoes is proven to provide us with better skin… less wrinkles and dry skin!
There you have it! 5 foods that you can be eating on a daily basis to nurture your body and love yourself!


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