Class Details

Class Details

Are the classes just for advanced trainers or can people new to exercise try them too?

All our classes are run by qualified trainers which means that any exercise given can easily be progressed or regressed. This means that people of all fitness levels can join in and will get the results that they are working hard for. I constantly tell our clients ‘it never gets easy you just get fitter and stronger’ so no matter how fit you are our classes wil continuously push you to and past your limits. The classes are consanty varied to make sure your body never gets use to it and you will never get bored.

What are the benefits of the classes?

Our classes are structured and programmed so that you will get maximum results in minimum time. Personal training at a fraction of the cost.

  • You WILL increase your BMR, which means your ability to burn calories at rest.
  • You WILL increase you lean muscle mass.
  • You WILL drop body fat.
  • You WILL feel more energised.
  • You WILL increase your flexibility
  • You WILL meet and train with likeminded people
  • You WILL try exercises that you have never done before.
  • You WILL have fun at the same time as reaching and surpassing your goals.
What classes do we run?

Strength & Conditioning

The improvement of muscular strength through weight training, along with a cardiovascular component that will boost your cardio fitness levels dramatically. This class will allow you to build lean muscle, become super strong and will put your fitness levels through the roof.

Ladies Strength & Conditioning

Women think that lifting weights will make you big, at the PT UNIT women lift to lose. Ladies S & C will help you build some serious girl power as you train with likeminded women who don’t go to the gym in rollers and would never dream of leaving the gym without sweating. Bring on the ladies!


Is our amazing alternative to plodding the roads on yet another road run. It’s a mixture of cardiovascular body weight exercises, interval training, plyometric and speed drills. This class will push you to your limits no matter what your ability or fitness level.


Is our metabolic conditioning class that uses body weight along with an aray of functional equipment kettle bells, battle ropes and TRX. It’s a high intensity class that will super charge your metabolisum and keep you burning calories hours after you have finished..

Spartan Training Session (men only)

A class for men that are serious about getting results and are not scared of hard work. In this class you will do more that you ever thought possible with combination of strong man techniques, strength training, power exercises and muscular endurance training this class leaves no stone unturned in the effort to make you strong, powerfully, fit and lean.

“Spartan training is one of the toughest sessions I have done and that’s a big call when you’re training to play premiership rugby. The contrast of strength work with power and endurance meant you were working on your strengths and weaknesses all in one session. I used the Spartan sessions as part of my pre-season training and I definitely felt the benefits when it came to the season. Hard work but great fun all the same.” Rob O’Donnell – Worcester Premiership Player


Boxercise is an effective form of cross training that incorporates a combination of boxing movements, cardio and strength work. This makes a fun alternative and also improves rhythm, co-ordination as well as burning calories! These classes will give you a full body workout, increasing your muscle and cardio endurance making you fitter and stronger through every punch.

Circuit Training

Circuits are a mixture of aerobic and resistance based exercises. Participants perform a series of exercises using a variety of equipment for a specified time or rep range. These fitness classes are great fun and will get your heart pumping and will help improve all round physical fitness and muscle tone. Circuit training allows you work to your own level of fitness so are great for all abilities.

Legs Bums n Tums (LBT)

Legs, Bums & Tums targets the common problem areas, incorporating a mixture of abdominal workouts, lunges, stretches and exercises for the legs, thigh’s, buttocks and stomach. A conditioning class focusing on re-shaping the lower body. This class which will tone and shape the targeted areas, as well as increasing stamina and cardiovascular fitness over all. The exercises are designed to tone and build strength, so over time muscle definition will become more apparent. If you want to get a flat tummy and tone your legs and bum this is a great workout for you!
Hard Core: You will work your abdominal whilst strengthening your back and core muscles and improving your posture and balance. Remember that having good core body strength is vital in all physical daily activities, and can help improve your sporting performance.

Functional Strength & Conditioning

This is the ultimate functional strength and conditioning programme for all. A class that changes week by week, always challenging no matter how fit you are as it’s totally scalable. A class that combines strength, power, speed and endurance. One of the toughest classes we run.


Tabata training is 4 minutes of intense interval training/circuit training, in a number of combinations over a period of 30 minutes. It can be done with a number of different exercises and the idea is to use an exercise that gets the whole body involved, or at least the major muscle groups. As a full body workout Tabata can be done as a cardio or strength activity. Tabata training can be done with barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells or just bodyweight exercises. This class is the ultimate in interval training, and is guaranteed to make you work! Tabata training is an incredibly intense fat burning workout which also helps you to increase your muscle density. It will help you to reach your fitness, lean muscle building or weight loss goals.


COMING SOON Pilates is a mat based class concentrating on core muscle stability. It aims to condition the entire body, focusing on spinal and pelvic alignment to relieve stress. Because of its holistic nature, Pilates is a great exercise for your body. The combination of stretches and breathing exercises can tone legs and arms, and by allowing oxygen flow to muscles, Pilates will condition the entire body. It focuses on proper alignment and posture, so is one of the best exercises to tone your abs and strengthen the back. It promotes the co-ordination of the body, mind and spirit. It suits everyone, as it is low intensity and can be altered to suit different levels.


Apart from the spiritual goals, the physical postures of yoga are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple in contemporary times. Yoga is also used as a complete exercise program and physical therapy routine. It is claimed that yoga can be an excellent training for children and adolescents, both as a form of physical exercise and for breathing, focus, mindfulness, and stress relief. It is claimed that yoga can be an excellent training for children and adolescents, both as a form of physical exercise and for breathing, focus, mindfulness, and stress relief.

The 300 Club

COMING SOON A 300 Club class is based on the 300 Workout derived from the film “300”, and has been known to be a workout that can transform the body! Throughout this class you will undertake up to 300 repetitions of various different exercises which are guaranteed to put you through your paces! This class is a very powerful and intense one, which simultaneously builds muscle, increases muscular endurance and definition, as well as reducing fat, fast!

Olympic Lifting

COMING SOON! These full body Olympic Lifts will take your functional fitness to new levels. This class is ideal for beginners to seasoned lifters who want to develop flexibility, strength, coordination and explosive power through perfect technique. While safety is the priority, you will be amazed at what you are capable of.

Parent & Child Fitness Boot Camps

COMING SOON We have developed these Parent and Child Fitness Boot Camp classes as a way of bringing fitness to the whole family. Children look up to and follow in their parents footsteps in a lot of things in their life and fitness is no different. I personally can’t think of a better way to educate and inspire children to the benefits of exercise and healthy living. There have been many studies all over the world and the findings are always that children with active parents, who set a good example, have more active children.

There are hundreds of benefits to having active children but below are just a few of the proven ones:

  • Increased alertness
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Less risk of obesity
  • More likely to keep active later in life (leads to even more health benefits as we get older)
  • Better concentration in school

These Parent and Child Fitness Boot Camp classes will challenge the adults as well as the children. All of the classes will have similar format in that we will all warm up together, there will be some partner/family interaction games and then there will be a main session focusing on whole body exercises using body weight, each other, weights and various other pieces of equipment.

Expect each session to be fun, energising, informative and beneficial to all levels of fitness.

Hopefully by the end of the sessions parents and children will have achieved the following:
  • Completed a great fitness workout
  • Interacted together as a family
  • Had lots of fun together
  • Learned something that you take home and practise
  • Embedded a little bit more in your child’s thought process about health and exercise
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Parent and Child Fitness Boot Camps.

Community Parks Circuits

We believe in exercise for everyone so this organisation was set up to provide exercise and wellbeing sessions for residents from the local area by promoting health benefits through the provision of fitness and well-being.

Our objectives are to provide structured exercise sessions, fitness and lifestyle advise to the community and make structured exercise programmes and well-being sessions accessible to everyone.

Through these activities we aim to:

  • Improve the health and well-being of the local community
  • Increase in the number of people taking part in physical activity
  • Enable participants to experience health benefits related to taking part in regular exercise
  • sessions – Offering subsidised exercise and well-being sessions to remove the financial barriers