Couples who train together stay together


It’s a phrase you may have heard said before: ‘couples who train together stay together.’ So, is it really true? Is it fact of fiction, an urban myth or just the stuff of nonsense?

The truth is, we haven’t got all the answers. But in a week where celebrity divorce is all over the news with ‘The Big Brangelina Breakup’, maybe it’s a good time to reflect on how couples can stay together. And, although we’re not basing this on any sort of great scientific study, what we do know is there are lots of very good reasons why couples should train together and plenty to suggest it will help couples to stay together – and much more besides.

Two heads are better than one

The first reason is just good old fashioned common sense. After all, as the saying goes, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’ And when it comes to fitness, a common problem is that of motivation. Staying motivated and on track with your fitness programme can be a challenge, but if you’re doing it as a couple – together – you are more likely to stay motivated. You won’t want to let each other down. You are much less likely to miss workouts because it becomes something you do together.

It’s always much harder to get into a routine than it is to get out of one, but once you are into the stride of training together, it will become a hard habit to break.

Training together has a positive impact on a relationship

Of course, for some people training is a very personal thing – an opportunity for ‘me time’, but most people respond better to training with others. This is why small groups and classes are always popular in fitness. People feed off each other’s determination and drive to succeed – and it’s more fun too.

For couples, training has a positive impact both physically and emotionally. It can be a new and exciting way for a couple to bond – which can only make a relationship stronger. In terms of spending quality time together, it’s up there with the best of them.

Training together is an aphrodisiac!

Looking at your partner working out is bound to be a bit of a turn-on, isn’t it? Sweaty bodies, racing pulses, Ooh la la…

We’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

Become fitness role models

If the thought of boosting your sex life is making you blush and slightly embarrassed, why not come back to Earth and just be really, really sensible instead?

We all want to be better and more responsible parents. If Mum and Dad train together as a couple, then they become fantastic fitness role models for the kids. And we all know that kids need excellent role models.

By training together and eating clean as a family, soon you will find that fitness just becomes something that the family does. It will become a way of life.

It’s cheaper than you think

We know what you’re thinking… Money’s tight. There’s absolutely no way that we can both afford it. Joint memberships are too expensive, right?

Wrong. When you sign up for a joint membership with us, you pay just £70 per month between you, instead of the usual fee of £100. Just select the £35 per month option and make both payments at the same time, and you will be fully signed-up members.

Then you will be another Pioneer Fitness couple training together… and staying together.

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