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School’s out for summer

As the school bells ring out for the last day of term and the long awaited summer holidays begin, it’s worth reflecting on just how much times have changed. Maybe we’re being overly nostalgic here – but the summer holidays used to be a time of great adventure for kids: bike rides, exploring or just endless day-long games of footie in the park. You would see kids out and about all the time during the summer and, crucially, as they were out and about all summer, they were also being active and getting fit.

Fast forward to the last decade and the vast majority of kids no longer see the summer as their cue for adventure and action. Instead, they see the summer as an opportunity for a six-week mammoth gaming session on their XBox, Playstation or even their smartphone. Failing that, it will just turn into an extended social mediathon with hundreds of selfies. Sat at home. Curtains drawn to block out the sun. Inactive.

Pokémon Go – A fitness revolution?

Pokémon Go, the latest craze to hit young kids, teenagers (and many, many fully-grown adults) could be about to change all that. This virtual reality game has gripped the nation in the last week and the health benefits of the game are being actively promoted by Pokémon Go’s creators, Nintendo. You see, you can’t play Pokémon Go stuck inside the house. The whole point is that you are out and about on the streets looking for Pokémon to catch.

Now, whilst from a fitness point of view, this is obviously more advantageous than being sat in front of a TV screen or computer monitor – and we’re certainly not denying that the game is ingenious and is big news in the gaming world – we also believe that the fitness benefits have been seriously overplayed. And there’s a more sinister and darker side to Pokémon Go too. Already, there have been a couple of incidents in the USA of people crashing their cars while playing the game. There have also been reports of people falling over walls and being lured into open spaces and then mugged of their phones. These incidents are rare, yes – but let’s look at it another way. At Pioneer Fitness, our staff see training as pretty much a 24/7 thing. We never stop and in the last few days, we’ve also noticed how many kids are out playing Pokémon Go.

If it ‘gets them out of the house’ and kids are being active and social, that’s a good thing, right? Maybe. But we’ve seen kids as young as 12 playing Pokémon on Crosby Beach at 2 in the morning and kids out at all hours in the park at Woolton too. Kids being out and about at all times of the night in potentially dangerous places. That’s got to be a little bit worrying, hasn’t it?

FitKidz – A safer fitness alternative

FitKidz sessions run at Pioneer Fitness throughout the summer and provide a much safer alternative to Pokémon Go! The sessions run every Thursday at 5.30pm and are split into 2 classes for different age groups, offering a safe environment for kids to get that all-important fitness fix. FitKidz provides a proper fitness workout – far more effective than hunting Pokémon, that’s for sure – and it’s just as social.

What’s more, the sessions also bring the obvious benefits of increased alertness and concentration, improved sleep patterns and a greatly reduced risk of obesity. It’s all about learning habits too. It can help to embed the idea into kids’ brains that health and fitness is important. They’ll even be able to learn something and practise exercises at home.

Kids don’t get enough exercise. Fact. Pokémon Go isn’t the answer. Fact. FitKidz is.

Just get in touch for more information. We also hold sessions at Moorside Park, please e-mail us to for full details.


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