Fitness, fun and BBQs on Bank Holiday Weekends

August Bank Holiday was one to remember, and like many people, here at Pioneer Fitness we be enjoyed a well-deserved day off on Monday. 

The last weekend of August is always a significant one. It’s the last before the kids go back to school and the bank holiday on Monday could well be the last day many of us have off work before the end of the year. Before we know it, it’ll all be pumpkins and trick or treat; bonfires and fireworks; and Santa Claus. The nights draw in, the mornings get dark and our hats and scarves come out.

So, yes, we should make the most of Bank Holiday weekends. And, if we can fit it in around the trips to the DIY and sofa shops, bank holiday weekend for us Brits usually means one other thing, weather permitting… the obligatory BBQ.

Barbecues can get a bit of bad press and, it’s true, BBQs are not normally what you expect to see recommended as part of a health and fitness-focused lifestyle. But, this is not a dereliction of duty on our part.

As long as you don’t go down the cheap burger/crate of lager route and throw a dangerous cocktail of food poisoning and sunburn into the mix, there’s absolutely no reason why a BBQ cannot be the centrepiece of a fun and healthy bank holiday weekend!

Eat clean on BBQ weekends


Eating clean – eating whole and natural food stuffs as opposed to processed foods – doesn’t have to go by the wayside for a BBQ. Kebabs (basically, anything cooked over the barbecue on a skewer) can be a fantastic healthy option.

Pretty much all lean meats and fish work well on a skewer, and vegetables or even fruit are great too. Experiment with cherry tomatoes, onion, peppers, mushrooms and pineapple.

Lean pork chops can make a great alternative to burgers too. Cut from the loin, pork is even leaner than chicken thighs. They are nothing to feel guilty about – just trim any excess fat off before sticking the chops on the barbecue.

Paleo punch drinks and summer smoothies


If you are sat out in the sun, as you hopefully did on the weekend, then you are going to need something cool and refreshing to drink. But go healthy and go paleo. A simple Google search will unearth a myriad of family-friendly and fruit-packed punches and summer drinks to make.

Blend ice, strawberries, peeled lemons and add a sprig or two of basil and a slice of lemon to make a tasty strawberry basil lemonade. If you do need a bit of an alcohol hit for the grown-ups, you could try a paleo margarita.

Olympic-inspired fitness and party games


There’s nothing better than the Olympics to inspire people of all ages into taking up sports and getting fit. Build on the momentum of the Rio games by setting up your own mini-Olympics in the garden.

Okay, trying to recreate the 10m platform diving into the paddling pool isn’t recommended but there are a whole host of other Olympic events that can easily adapted for the garden: mini-golf, badminton, tennis and the list goes on.

Or you could improvise – make hula hooping a new Olympic event! It’s easy to pick up medals from most supermarkets to hand out for the winners too.

There’s nothing to stop bank holiday weekend being a great weekend of BBQs, fun and fitness for all the family!

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