Get fit in time for Christmas: Stay fit in the New Year

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Okay, so the pumpkins have only just disappeared off the shelves and the ashes of the bonfire have barely gone out, but already the world seems to have moved on to the next big event on the calendar… Christmas.

The shops are already full of it, the Christmas television ads have started… and on that note, in virtually every ad break we’re bombarded with ‘tempting’ offers of sofas to buy – ‘Order now. Get it in time for Christmas!’

Well, whether you’re getting giddy with excitement about the thought of Christmas (or you’re more filled with dread about everything that needs to be done to get ready for it) maybe it’s time to get something else in time for Christmas… FIT!

The run-up to Christmas is the perfect time to get fit

You might not think the run-up to Christmas is the ideal time to start committing to a fitness programme. Of course, there’s never really a bad time to start getting fit.

It’s just that the weeks running up to Christmas maybe don’t seem like the most obvious time to start.

But that’s where you’d be wrong!

Beat the winter blues

Along with Halloween and Bonfire Night, another thing happened in the last few weeks to remind us of what time of year it is – the clocks went back.

Now our world is plunged into about 20 hours of darkness a day. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but for many of us we’ll soon be going out to work in the dark, coming home in the dark and if we’re stuck inside at work all day, we’re not seeing much daylight at all.

And we’re not going to be getting much sun in those limited hours of daylight either. That much is guaranteed. This means we’re missing out on our all-important serotonin fix.

Serotonin, which we get from exposure to sunlight, is proven to be a well-being boosting hormone. You can’t change the weather and you can’t change the seasons, but you can change the way you get serotonin into your body because another way of doing so is through exercise.

So, beat the blues of the long dark days and nights and get your serotonin hit by getting fit instead! It’s great for your general state of mind and it will make you feel more energetic too – a great way to combat the darkness!

Get fit and commit to it

We’ve already mentioned how busy the lead up to Christmas can be, and for a lot of people that’s enough to put off any good-intentioned thoughts of getting fit until the new year. After all, it’s the new year when you are supposed to make resolutions and promise to do things differently.

Look at this way though – most new year’s resolutions fail. There are many reasons for this, but the time of year is a factor.

In the weeks before Christmas, it’s dark, the days are short, the nights are long and it’s cold – but at least you’ve got Christmas to look forward to.

In January, it’s still dark, the days are still short, the nights are still long and it’s even colder – Blue Monday (the third Monday of the month) is scientifically proven to be the most depressing day of the year. And it always feels like a long, long haul until spring, daffodils and a bit of sunshine.

It’s no wonder that we crack with our new year’s resolutions, is it?

Get fit. Stay fit

Here’s a fact for you – habits are hard to break.

Start a fitness programme now and get into it in the weeks up to Christmas and by that point you’ll be well into it. You’ll have seen the benefits already, you’ll feel good about yourself and fitness will have become a part of your daily routine – a habit.

This means that you are much likely to stick with it and continue into January and beyond.

So, all in all, strange as it might seem – getting fit in time for Christmas means you are much more likely to stay fit in the new year.

If you sign up for a 6 month membership at Pioneer Fitness, you will get all of November and December completely free.

So get fit in time for Christmas and join our #fitfam today.
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