HIIT Training: Be a hit with your fitness!

All across Liverpool over the last few weeks, literally thousands of people will have taken some steps towards a healthier lifestyle. These steps may have been a bit tentative – but at least they will have thought about it!

It is the season of New Year’s Resolutions, Detox and Dry January, but even a little effort towards changing your lifestyle and habits can pay dividends. Taking the stairs rather than the lift, walking to the shops instead of driving, or cutting out the takeaways will all begin to make some difference.

Of course, if you want to make a big difference and see the best results, you need to make a genuine commitment to your fitness. Personal training is always going to be the best bet. A personal trainer will have the expertise to devise a programme that is perfectly suited to your individual needs. They will be there to push you and support you in equal measure when things get tough.

HIT Training: Is this the Number 1 for fitness?

In business, you want to be doing the things that require minimum effort/time but give you the maximum impact. With fitness it’s not quite the same: low effort will always result in low impact and limited results. However, it’s only natural that people want to know which fitness activities will have the greatest impact overall.

Fitness enthusiasts have thought about this for years. Not everyone agrees on everything, but what everybody does agree on is that high intensity training (HIT) will have the most impact in any fitness programme.

HIT Training: Getting the most from your workout

We’ve talked before about the benefits of Strength & Conditioning. Strength training is great because it builds your muscular strength. When you combine cardiovascular training with weight training you build strength, lean muscle and your cardio fitness levels at the same time.

Many people shy away from strength training and stick the likes of the treadmill or the bike. This is especially true for the ladies, who think they might end up with a bodybuilder’s physique! But S & C is great for all. It’s necessary for sports training and athletes, but the benefits of body fat reduction and lean muscle mass make S & C a fitness activity that has genuine impact.

Just like Strength & Conditioning, the focus of HIT training is on having the maximum impact. The original strength training version of HIT was developed in the early 1970s. It involved high levels of effort in shorter workouts, as opposed to training for longer but with low to medium effort levels.

The mantra of HIT strength training is ‘train harder, but train briefer.’ 

When is a HIT a HIIT?

As with most things, over time ideas are developed and people think of ways to tweak and adapt fitness activities to suit different situations. The original strength training HIT still exists and is still popular, but these days those same principles of training harder and faster but for shorter periods of time have grown into other areas of fitness.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves short bursts of activity at a high intensity interspersed with short recovery times. The fast-paced workouts in this kind of interval training burn away the calories in super-fast time.

And whilst HIT used to be all about strength training, HIIT can be about virtually any activity.

Tabata Training

High intensity training has made it all the way from Japan to Liverpool in the shape of Tabata.

This might get you thinking…

20 second bursts of high intensity cycling followed by 10 seconds of low intensity work for 4 minutes will have the same impact as 4 x 45 minute low intensity sessions on a bike a week!

Tabata can be done as a cardio or a strength training activity, but it is best when the whole body gets involved. Incorporating Tabata into your personal training sessions will give you a real HIT!





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