How to have a Healthy Halloween Party for parents and kids


Okay, ‘health’ and ‘Halloween’ don’t usually go hand in hand, do they?

But, Halloween doesn’t have to be simply the usual chocolate and Haribo-fest. You’ll have enough scares with all those ghostly ghouls trick-or-treating at your front door, you could do without being scared out of your wits with the calorie count too!

Here’s how you can have a Healthy Halloween Party and lots of fun for all the family.

Healthy(ish) treats to eat

We don’t want to be accused of stopping everybody’s fun. We not killjoys, and it’s a difficult one with Halloween. After all, it’s trick or treat, isn’t it? ‘Treat’ for most kids usually equates to ‘chocolate’ or ‘sweets’ of some description, and opening the door to excited little trick-or-treaters and saying, ‘Treat! Here have a grape. Here are some tasty sunflower seeds,’ isn’t really going to cut it and is probably taking the health-kick a little too far for such an occasion.

But, it doesn’t have to be all about bucket loads of off-the -shelf sweets either. It’s about finding the balance and a happy medium somehow.

Being creative with fruit means that the kids can still have a fun treat – and get some of their 5-a-day at the same time. Strawberries can undergo a stunning transformation into ghosts by dipping them in warm white chocolate and decorating with milk chocolate to give these scary treats eyes and a mouth. Leave to set and your strawberry ghosts will be a winner with all the family.

Bananas make good ghosts too! Chop in half, insert a lollipop stick, dip in vanilla yogurt and decorate with chocolate chips for eyes.

Turn trick-or-treating into a family workout

Of course, no matter how great the party is, the kids are likely to want to go out trick-or-treating at some point! Turn it into a workout. Introduce an element of competition. Either by using pedometers or smartphone apps, the number of steps can be tracked and the most active trick-or-treater is the winner!

Active party games

Back at the house and there’s lots of fun to be had with Halloween party games to keep the whole family active.

The easiest thing is to stick on some music and get everybody to show off their silliest scary monster dance moves. Of course, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is always a good one for Halloween.

A race can easily be set up across the lounge. But, instead of running, contestants have to stagger like zombies or hop like witches’ toads back and to.

If numbers allow you could set up another race… as worms. Two teams of equal number must line up and create a ‘worm’. The person at the front puts their left arm and the person grabs hold of it with their right and so on to the back of the line. Each wriggly wiggly worm then has to race to one side of the room and back and keep the worm intact!

So, make this Halloween more ‘health’ and less ‘Haribo’ this year and get all the family active with a Healthy Halloween Party!


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