How to Lose Holiday Weight-Gain in Just 4 Weeks


Some things never change and the two periods of the year that always seem to cause the most anxiety for people when they think about their waistline are pretty much constant in the calendar: the Christmas period and the summer beach holiday.

It’s no surprise, of course. These are the two periods of the year when people tend to over-indulge the most. As we eat, drink and be merry over the festive season, inevitably we pile on the pounds. That’s why in January, buoyed by all those well-meaning New Year’s resolutions and promises of ‘doing things differently this year,’ gyms see a spike in memberships. Sadly, six months down the line and many of those memberships have either be cancelled or are just left going unused.

Getting the body beach ready

Which leads us very nicely onto the other period of the year which often spurs us into action – the impending summer holiday. It’s around this time of the year when the realisation dawns on us that the beach holiday that seemed ages away when we booked it is now just a matter of weeks away. As we look disapprovingly at our bodies in the mirror we go into panic mode and decide that we need to take drastic action!

Of course, the marketers know this all too well. Weight-loss and dieting is a billion pound industry in this country. It’s an industry proven to be recession-proof and you’ll certainly not be short of choice as you search for that ‘miracle solution’ to help you fit perfectly (rather than squeeze) into that bikini, or stop the beer belly from spilling a little bit too much over those shorts.

Google ‘get beach ready’ and you’ll be flooded with options in your search results: ‘Get your best beach body ever in 21 days,’ ‘Last-minute beach body workout’,’ Get beach ready on a budget,’ etc, etc…

Food for thought

Within all of this bewildering choice of options – all promising you guaranteed success (and most costing you money, remember!), you’ll find some good, some bad and some indifferent advice.

Some will say have a protein-rich breakfast. Some will say eat nothing but fruit before 11.30am. Some will say have only soup for lunch. Some will give conflicting advice on when to eat starchy carbs or white carbs. All in all, it’s a bit of a minefield!

There’s no such thing as a ‘miracle cure’, of course. But recent research suggests that over two thirds of women diet before going on holiday with the majority aiming to lose 7lb-8lbs. Crash diets are never a good idea, of course. They can be dangerous, for a start. But where there’s demand, there’ll be supply!

One thing is pretty much guaranteed. However you lose the weight, what tends to happen is that the 7-10lbs that is lost prior to going away is immediately piled back on during the holiday – through all that booze, rich food and lying on a sun lounger all day!

So what happens when you get back and you want lose all the weight you put back on?

The 4-week program

Pioneer Fitness has the perfect solution. It’s not a ‘crash course’ or a ‘miracle plan.’ However, our 4-week program will get you the results you want. As a 4-week course, firstly, it means that the weight loss will be at a sensible rate: 1lb-3lb a week.

You will training 3 times a week with groups of up to 5 like-minded people. The groups are kept deliberately small so that the experience seems more like working out with a one-to-one personal trainer than the large, impersonal sizes that some gym classes can have.

The program gives you all the nutrition and diet planning advice you need on top of the training workouts. Because, quite simply, combining physical activity with a sensible and nutritious diet is the best way to lose weight.

Of course, whilst the programme has been specifically designed to help you shed your holiday weight-gain, we’re confident that you’ll see the benefits and want to continue training in one way or another. We’ve got plenty of choices for you to consider, whatever your goals might be.

That’s a little bit further down the line though. For now, just think about the fact that our clients happily report that they have lost over a stone (and up to 2 dress sizes) over the 4-week program.

Here are some before and after pictures from the 4 week program, including Mark Byron, Big Brother Sensation! We’ve also had familiar faces such as Capital Radio’s Rachael Rhodes, TV Personality Layla Flaherty and International DJ Mel Reeves.












That has to give you food for thought!

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