Kickstart your way to fitness with Kickboxing for Women and more


Kick start September with our range of new classes

Okay, so the summer holidays are over. The kids are back to school. The beach is a distant memory and no doubt that big, nice, warm thing in the sky will soon be a memory too – gone for another year, but this is nothing to get despondent about!

If it’s a new term for kids and the start of a new school year, September can be a new start in terms of your fitness too. Whether you want blow away the cobwebs of over-indulgence over the summer break with real vigour or you just fancy a new challenge, we have plenty going on at Pioneer Fitness in September to keep you busy and get you fit.

In fact, there’s so much going on that we’re going to struggle to get it all down in one blog, but here goes…

Kickboxing for Women

Our new Kickboxing classes for women start 9.00 am sharp on Saturday September 10th TOMORROW!
Is it for you? Well, why not give it a try? Put it this way, if you fancy a fun mix of heart-pumping cardio with a healthy dose of martial arts techniques thrown in and all guaranteed to burn fat and calories, then it might just be exactly what you need.

Why is kickboxing so good for women?

The cardio-conditioning that you get from kickboxing is hard to beat as a highly effective way to burn fat. It’s especially good at shifting fat from around the belly. If that isn’t enough, what you also get with kickboxing is all-round toning. You can’t kickbox without engaging all the muscle groups in the body.

You need to work the back and you’ll trim your waist because each kickboxing move needs you to give a lot of core power. The more the core is engaged, the greater your co-ordination becomes. With kickboxing, you’ll see increased reflexes and your body will become more flexible.

It’s great when you can see the tangible results from a workout, but often some of the other benefits are less easy to spot with the naked eye – but you certainly feel them. As a stress-buster, there are few workouts better than a kickboxing workout. It’s a great way of releasing frustrations and will help you to clear the mind and get a better night’s sleep. Kickboxing releases those all-important endorphins which counteract stress. As a group activity the impact of this is greater still.

Last but not least, pretty much all martial arts activity aimed at women is sold on a ‘self-defence ticket’. We don’t want to overplay this. After all, we hope that nobody finds themselves in a position where they need to use self-defence. However, it’s definitely empowering to know that you have a bit of self-defence know-how in your armoury. And, at the very least, you can always execute a couple of moves on hubby the next time he annoys you!

Olympic Lifting, Fusion and more!

Tom starts his Olympic Lifting classes soon too. Full body Olympic lifts will take your fitness to new levels. With one-to-one and small group options available, these Olympic lifting sessions are ideal for both beginners and more seasoned lifters.

Safety is always our priority, but you will be amazed at what you can achieve. The sessions promise to help you develop the perfect technique to give you coordination, flexibility and explosive power.

Fusion is back on Monday 12th September and you should also look out for Spin Strength & Conditioning.

So, there’s plenty going on at Pioneer Fitness this September. Come and join us to kickstart your fitness!

Just get in touch for more details.

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