Did you leave it too late to get bikini-body ready?

We are now well into the annual ‘get bikini-body ready’ season. It’s the time of the year when you can barely open a newspaper Sunday supplement or glossy magazine without being hit with all manner of advice about how you can get your ready for the bikini and the beach.
And if you Google ‘get bikini-body ready’ you’ll find even more: Get bikini ready in 28 days; Get your bikini body in 21 days; 2 weeks, 1 week; Get bikini-body ready at home, at the gym – even How to get bikini ready in 24 hours!

What is bikini-body ready anyway?

As with anything these days it’s sometimes difficult to think clearly through all the noise of the web and the print media. Sure, you’ll never be short of advice and guidance on any fitness or dieting topic – but a lot of it will be conflicting and confusing. And with all sorts of ‘miracle diets’ and ‘magic plans’ promising so much, it makes sense to step back for a moment and ask the question: What is bikini-body ready anyway?
There are many debates going on at the moment around the question – can you be fat and fit? A recent study in Holland concluded that exercise reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke, regardless of what a person’s body mass index (BMI) is. Although the research was fairly limited (and only focused on middle aged people) it still implies that it is actually possible to be fit and fat. This flies in the face of the commonly held belief that obesity automatically leads to ill-health.

Be comfortable in your own skin

Research that suggests that you can be fat and fit should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. The findings don’t have any answers to other studies that have linked obesity to 11 different types of cancer or diabetes, for example. But it does, once again, highlight the mixed messages that people are getting.
And being bikini-body ready isn’t necessarily about being healthy anyway. For most women yearning for a bikini-body, it’s much more about feeling comfortable on the beach or by the pool, and feeling less self-conscious about the bodies in a bikini. A bikini-body shouldn’t be about being a Size 6 or being a certain weight – it is about empowering you to feel good about yourself, good about your body and comfortable in your own skin.

The key to happiness

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and confident enough to show off your body on the beach is the key to happiness. It will mean different things to different people but it is a state of mind that is down to the individual.
If you are thinking that you’ve left it too late to get bikini-body ready, think again! Pioneer Fitness have classes that are ideal for helping you get the body you want. Strength & Conditioning and HIT training are just two options. They are high intensity and they will test you, but you’ll have a lot of fun at the same time too!

And these are fitness plans that get results, unlike the ‘Get your body bikini-ready in 24 hours’ nonsense you’ll see on the internet. Whatever bikini-body ready means to you, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get there.

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