New Year: New You!


We’ve already tried to persuade you in a previous blog post about the advantages of starting your new year’s fitness and health resolutions early. There’s always a temptation to put things off until January – but if you start your fitness programme now in December, you are more likely to stay committed into the new year.

However, we do appreciate that December is a busy, busy time and if we’re not going to be able to convince you of starting now, what we do hope is that we can get you to at least think about it now! Planning what you are going to do in terms of your fitness and health is at least a good start!

Pioneer Fitness Classes

So, whilst we’re not going to list everything we have on offer in this post, what we’d like to do is give you a flavour of what we do and some of the different classes you could sign up for in the new year.

Saying we have something for everyone is a pretty bold claim, but it really is true!

Where do we start?

Well, strength & conditioning is always a popular choice. It’s exactly as it says on the tin – a combination of weight training to build up muscular strength and cardio training to boost your fitness levels. A win-win situation. And, if you’re thinking that it sounds like a men only thing, you’d be so wrong, there’s a ladies strength & conditioning class too.

If that doesn’t float your boat, how about the likes of legs, bums & tums? Another perennial fitness fave that specifically targets those common problem areas. A great mix of lunges, stretches and exercises to re-shape your lower body – and giving yourself a major cardio fitness and stamina boost all at the same time.

For the serious trainer out there, Spartan Training is the ultimate in muscular endurance training for men. Only for those who aren’t afraid of a hard shift in the gym, but you will be amazed at the results.

Your idea of new year fitness might be to get into a spot of road running. Great, but just think of those slippery icy January pavements! Cardio fit is the safer alternative – and suitable for all abilities and fitness levels.

And there’s more, from Boxercise to Yoga to Pilates, there’s something going on at Pioneer Fitness to suit all tastes. Just get in touch to find out more.

A real community spirit

At Pioneer Fitness, we’re committed to helping you achieve your individual health and fitness goals, but we’ve always been about much more than that. We’re proud of our genuine commitment to the wider community: getting kids involved, our parent and child bootcamps, or our Community Parks initiative.

We talk of our fitness family #fitfam and we believe fitness should be for everyone.

And as we come up towards Christmas when we naturally think of family and those closest to us, it’s also a time to think of others too.

On the evening of Dec 9th/10th, we are holding our Fusion Fest – an all-nighter running from 7.00pm-7.00am. It’s an overnight fusion class in aid of Alder Hey children’s hospital.

Why not come and play your part?  Sample the atmosphere, get involved and do your bit for a great cause. You can register at reception, or call Gary on 07801 207481 for more info.

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