The 10 worst excuses to miss the gym!

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We really have seen/heard it all when it comes to excuses to miss the gym. We wanted to share some of the excuses with you, and if you find you’ve used ANY of them… SHAME ON YOU!
“I’m tired” / “I can’t be bothered” – So, you might not say this one aloud, or to your gym buddy… but this really is NO excuse at all. You’ll feel much more energised after an hour at the gym, and definitely much better for going. What would you be doing instead?!
“I’ve got cleaning to do” – Well, you obviously haven’t thought about this excuse too much. Cleaning definitely does need to be done, but not immediately and it doesn’t take hours to do. Getting to the gym first will give you plenty more energy to then get on with your cleaning.
“I’m looking after the dog” – At Pioneer Fitness, this is not accepted… we’re a family orientated gym and that means dogs are welcome… Bring the dog down!
“I haven’t got a baby sitter” – Same as above. We have lots of new mums that come to the gym with their little ones. Hey, I’ve even seen mums with their kids on the weights, pushing them along, using them as a prop. It’s great and we definitely encourage it here at Pioneer fitness.
“The gym is too far” – Have you heard yourself? The whole point of going to the gym is to get fit… so, take a nice long walk!
“The gym is too expensive” – Ok, this is a valid one. But you don’t need to join a gym to get involved with exercise… Taking a long walk, or jumping around to a DVD will also help increase the levels of exercise… let’s face it, it’s better than doing nothing.
“I’ll go tomorrow” – How about, go tomorrow AND today?
“I haven’t got anybody to go with” – Unless you’re in a situation where you need to be manned 24/7, then we’re not letting you off for this one. You’re not going to the gym to socialise, so it really shouldn’t be an excuse.
“It’s late” – Sure, with it being late, a high amount of exercise will leave you feeling energised, so you might not be able to sleep after. But, why not take a brisk walk, to burn off a bit of that dinner you ate?
“I haven’t got time” – MAKE TIME!
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