The new way to train for 2016

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Strength & Conditioning and Cardio

Getting the balance right between strength and cardio is one of the most challenging factors in putting together any individualised training plan. Most of us understand that a complete training plan is likely to feature a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance work – that’s pretty obvious really. However, getting the balance between these two types of exercise is essential to optimise your overall training success.

It sounds simple, but of course it isn’t as easy as it sounds! There are many, many things that you need to take into consideration. For example, are you training to lose fat? Are you training to gain muscle? Are you training for a specific sport? All these questions, and more, need to be asked. Other things need to be taken into consideration too, such as your own body type – whether you are naturally slim, gain muscle easily or hold onto fat. Also, the type of cardio training you do – whether it is high-intensity or low-intensity – will come into play.

Ultimately, your specific primary goal – what you really want to achieve – will be the overriding factor in determining the perfect training plan for you.

A new way of training at Pioneer Fitness

Confused? Don’t know which way to turn?

Don’t panic! All of the above is very important and we’re not going to blind you with the science of it all here. But, what would you say if we were to tell you that Pioneer Fitness have a simple solution?

Taking the broad principle that the best training plans involve some sort of strength and cardio training, our new workout brings the best of both worlds together into one single, highly intensive but highly enjoyable workout!

Strength & Conditioning AND Cardio in ONE workout

Here’s how it works…

Quite simply, this is the new way to train in 2016. We mix it up by using both strength & conditioning and cardiovascular in one single session.

Each class will have a number of people in it – half will be on spin bikes having a high-intensity cardio blast. At the same time, the other half will be being pushed with a strength & conditioning routine. Then we swap.

High energy music will be pumping round the room. Brightly coloured lights will add to the atmosphere and your trainer will be instructing and encouraging you through a mic so they can be heard over the music!

Why is this new mix of training so good?

Well, although it’s all done in a perfectly safe and controlled way, this new way of training essentially shocks the body and is proven to be the most effective and the most efficient means of losing weight, building muscle and improving the cardiovascular system… all at the same time!

Regardless of your own skill level, such a workout can burn 1,000 calories in a single hour. You’d be hard pushed to find any activity that produces such results.

Higher calorie burn in a short space of time speeds up your metabolism. This means that the calorie and fat burn carries on for 24 hours post-workout too. Not only that, your athletic endurance gets a major boost as well.

It’s a win-win situation. You push yourself to and through your own boundaries and you will see and feel the results straightaway. All of this is achieved with a new and exciting way to train in a thumping music and fun-packed environment!

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