Tracking your performance for the best results

Whatever your fitness goals are – sports endurance, general fitness or weight loss – the secret to success lies in the planning (as well as good old-fashioned hard work and a large dose of commitment, of course!)

But if you plan, you can. You need to set goals and know where you want to get to, but knowing how you are going to get there is even more important.

Don’t wish for it, work for it

Wishing for something won’t make it happen. You will need to work for it. But working smarter at it holds the key. Regularly turning up at the gym and working out aimlessly won’t do you any harm, but it won’t necessarily help you to get the results you crave. This is why employing the services of a personal trainer makes so much sense.

Tracking is vital to success

Having a plan is crucial but tracking your performance and monitoring how you are doing is equally vital. Tracking your performance will give you the best results.

This is especially true for weight loss and the Pioneer Fitness Weight Loss Clinic gives you the best of both. We will look carefully at the information you give us, such as your current weight and your ideal weight. We’ll consider what, if any, nutritional or exercise programmes you are already on and ask you all about your current lifestyle. From that, we can plan a weight loss programme that is carefully tailored to your individual needs.

Built into the weight loss clinic is regular monitoring to keep track of how you doing and, most importantly, keep you on track on your journey to reach your goal weight.

Jack Shaw PT – Our Weight Loss Clinic partner

Pioneer Fitness have teamed up with Liverpool personal trainer Jack Shaw to create our new Weight Loss Clinic.
It’s true of many personal trainers that the journey they have been on themselves and their own experiences of health and fitness have helped them to become the excellent personal trainers that they are today. This is certainly true with Jack and his own battle with his weight.

Jack went from over 27st to 13st 7lbs, losing an incredible 14 stone in less than 12 months. Jack was very much a ‘nutrition novice’. In fact he knew next to nothing about nutrition or exercise when he started. Naturally, he made mistakes along the way but he was determined to educate himself and by learning from his mistakes and learning all he could about nutrition, he not only ended up 14 stone lighter, he had become a nutrition expert too.

Online and in-house weight loss coaching

Now he wants to pass on his experience and expertise to those who want to lose weight themselves. The Weight Loss Clinic combines online and in-house coaching. Much like other weight loss programmes, the in-house meetings are a weekly opportunity to discuss how you are doing, weigh-in, and receive support from others – as well as picking up vital nutrition tips along the way.

With weekly meal plans and workouts designed to help you get the weight off and keep it off, joining Weight Loss Clinic is the best way to commit to a new you.

Fill in this form to give us the information we need about your lifestyle so we can help you get your weight loss ball rolling!

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