Playing international rugby means you have to be in peak condition for the demands of the game. I worked with Pioneer Fitness over the summer to get into the best shape possible for the season and throughout the season to help maintain all the hard work we had put in tin the summer. Working on speed, strength, power and agility gave me the complete conditioning in needed. Knowing my trainer had the knowledge of rugby and had played at a high level himself made it an easy option when looking for the right trainer.

James O’Brien – Malta International

Spartan training is one of the toughest sessions I have done and that’s a big call when you’re training to play premiership rugby. The contrast of strength work with power and endurance meant you were working on your strengths and weaknesses all in one session. I used the Spartan sessions as part of my pre season training and I definitely felt the benefits when it came to the season. Hard work but great fun all the same.

Rob O’Donnell – Worcester Premiership Player

I started pt sessions as I needed to lose a few pounds after my 3rd baby; however my main aim was to tone up, get healthy and increase my energy levels. Thanks to Jo’s guidance and motivation I am achieving all of this. I look forward to the sessions and can see myself improving every week. I would recommend Jo to anyone wanting to improve their fitness, health and diet. Thanks Jo!

Joanne Langan age 35

I started personal training with the aim to improve my level of fitness, after 6wks I’ve definitely ‘Upped my game’!! I enjoy every sessions Jo does with me, working all sorts of muscles I never knew I had!! I’ve found a new interest in exercise and understand the importance of core strength! I’ve been to a few training classes run by other groups/personal trainers and would recommend Jo Palmer hands down, Jo really knows her stuff when it comes down to exactly what you should be doing to improve specific areas of yourself even nutritional advice! I’m thrilled I’ve found Pioneer Fitness, in particular Jo, and I am definitely sticking with it!!

Claire. W, early 30s

I started my personal training sessions with Dan 4 months ago. I decided I needed to lose my beer belly and wanted to start looking buff and generally start feeling fitter and healthier. So I began training with him twice a week. For the first few weeks we were doing a lot of cardio and a bit of weight training to get my general fitness up. I have since moved up to training 4 times a week, doing a lot more weight training and a whole variety of unusual exercises with and without equipment. I feel myself getting fitter and fitter everyday and I can now lift nearly 4 times the weight of what I could before I started, plus my overall confidence has increased a great deal. The sessions are tough but I love them, because Dan pushes and motivates me to do the best I can. He is an excellent trainer and brilliant motivator, and you can have a laugh with him too! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get in shape. Thanks Dan.


II have been going to Jo’s circuit sessions for a few months now. She’s an energetic and super enthusiastic trainer and makes the sessions fun as well as tough! We do different things each week and I have really benefitted from all the strength exercises, particularly in the upper body. I couldn’t even do 1 press up when I started!


Daniel has been my personal trainer for the last five months, within that time period, I can vouch that Daniel is an excellent and professional personal trainer. One-to-one bookings with Daniel really help me keep focused and hungry for change and was a great way to keep me motivated as well as constantly encouraging me and pushing to do better sessions include a mixture of heavy weights, circuit routines and intense cardiovascular programs.

Daniel has also shown me the importance of a good, balanced diet and the right supplements in order to help build a strong, healthy body now I’am well on the way to having the body I always wanted having reached my target weight, this has a knock-on effect of increased confidence in short, Daniel can help you transform yourself into the person you always wanted to be and i would personally recommend his services.

John Grimes, Chief Executive – John Grimes Consultancy Ltd

Circuit training is the first exercise class I’ve been to that makes me want to come back for more than two sessions! Really enjoy it… It can be very tough but it’s good to push myself… You’ve given me the kick up the bum I needed (didn’t realise how weak my abs were before I started but they have defo got better!) it’s good to have a workout and have a laugh at same time! Thanks Jo!


I got in touch with Dan because I wanted to improve my fitness but I didn’t know how to go about it. He assessed my level of fitness and developed a varied training programme around my specific goals and needs. It’s hard work but it’s worth every bit of effort! Dan provides a professional and well-organised service with an approachable attitude and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Sue Rooney

I started going to circuit training classes with Jo as I find the gym really boring and wanted to improve my fitness as I hadn’t done much training for about 6 months. I’ve been going to circuit training for about 8 weeks and my fitness has dramatically improved since I started. Jo tailors the class to our goals and pushes us to achieve them. Not only that, she makes sure we have a great time training and I’ve never felt fitter!

Hannah Smallshaw, 26, Civil Servant

For the past 13 years I have exercised mostly by swimming up to 4 times a week. As such I thought I was relatively fit for my age even if there was extra buoyancy around my stomach. When I joined the David Lloyd gym I was fortunate to be introduced to Daniel who, through an initial assessment, made me realise that my fitness level left much to be desired and there was a lot more I could achieve.

I was very impressed with his approach to fitness training and the initial program he designed for me and therefore signed up for 10 one to one sessions. I have greatly enjoyed these sessions which are tailored to my particular needs and fitness level. The sessions are varied each week so don’t become monotonous and build upon previous workouts. Daniel is very good at explaining and coaxing, enabling me to get the most from each workout and ensuring that I continue training hard even when he isn’t around.

I can feel the benefits after just 2 months and I look forward to my next 10 sessions. Even my swimming has improved.
I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel to anyone who wants to improve their fitness no matter what your current state is. You won’t be disappointed.


I started coming to circuit as I had never done a class before, and I wanted to try to get into shape. I was impressed with our trainer Jo as not only does Jo clearly know her stuff but she genuinely cares about getting us into shape. I enjoy circuit as Jo makes sure that we get the most out of each class by planning each session to maximise results as well as making it fun. Jo is star and has converted a hardened couch potato.

Samantha Allen, Occupation Recruitment, age 39.

Great place to train. Dan helped me to obtain great fitness and a great physique for my 2011 holiday by working me at a level and intensity that I needed to obtain results. It is hard work, but I thoroughly enjoy my workouts with Dan.

Gary Lunt

I was never one for gyms and I’m still not but this is different! Monday night 6.30-7.30 is a mix of ages/sex and ability a lovely group of people who all push each other and it’s the most fun you can have whilst getting fit!

Wednesday night I do the girlie’s session 6-7 again different ages/abilities and its such fun, hard there is no denying that but the results are starting to show. Dan pushes all of us and knows what we are capable of.

Dan also does one on one sessions which are fab! My young son has been training (he doesn’t like sport but loves working with Dan!) and the difference is amazing. He is so much more confident about how he looks and now knows he can work out and enjoy it – I also am doing some individual sessions when I can fit them in and again the results are starting to show. I would recommend any of the group sessions or indeed individual sessions with Dan come and join us see what everyone is talking about!

Andrea Davidson

Excellent professionally run sessions with complete dedication in helping us all get fit and toned up. So much better than going to a gym. I would recommend them to anyone. Every session is different and the levels of encouragement and personal tuition is just fantastic.

Pioneer’s Men’s Spartan outdoor circuit session is the most intense and hardcore hour of exercise I have ever experienced and creates a great camaraderie between the attendees. Their mixed group cardio sessions provide a great workout catering for both men and women at the same time. Over the last several months my wife and I have been dedicated attendees to their classes (she attends the ladies circuit too) together with their couple’s personal training sessions resulting in unbelievable weightloss, muscle gain and toning.

Mike A

After years of little exercise I was overweight and unfit and didn’t have hours to spend in the gym – so I decided to start personal training at Pioneer Fitness. Daniel is very imaginative when it comes to exercise, keeping it interesting by trying new things and using a wide range of training styles. This flexibility of routine means that I am never bored doing the usual mundane or routine reps that one associates with training and dare I say, its actually fun (well sort of)! A couple of sessions a week has produced results I wouldn’t have achieved by myself, I have lost inches and have toned up in just a few months.

I now feel slimmer, fitter, stronger and really enjoy the sessions. If you want to get in shape, or improve your strength or change the way your body feels I thoroughly recommend training at Pioneer Fitness. It’s fun, challenging, and totally addictive once you start!

Claire H