Why do some people REALLY go to the gym?

Gym facts
On most of our minds, when we think about going to the gym, it would be to give ourselves a health kick, lose weight or get fit! You might go as far to think about going to the gym to just pick up a new hobby. Well, we’ve taken a look at why some people really go to the gym! You don’t get any of this at Pioneer Fitness, that’s for sure!
People use the gym to pick up dates
Believe it or not, and although at the gym we tend to be a hot sweaty mess, people go to the gym to pick up a date! Over 2,000 people that took part in a study, 50% of gym goers only actually go to the gym to check out the talent! We cannot believe that over a third of these participants had almost NEVER built up a sweat at the gym!
Bank balance matters
Those who earn more tend to go to the gym more often, or at all, because they can comfortably afford a gym membership. A study shows that those who earn less than £20k per year went to the gym only one hour per week, and those that earned more than that went to the gym on average three hours per week. At Pioneer, we cater for all levels of income!
You can eat more chocolate
18% of gym goers (according to Market Research World) are more likely to indulge in chocolate bars! Understandably, people feel as though more exercise that they do, the more that they can eat. REMEMBER! If you’re not at your desired goal, you can’t do it!
It’s all in the genetics
Sure, blame it on the genetics! Apparently, up to 50% of pain and exertion of exercise within candidates is genetically influenced. Hmm… Genetics or not, we welcome ALL of you at Pioneer!
WOW! A study conducted by Nuffield Health found that of their 2,000 participants, 10.5% of members actually live with someone they met at the gym. We’re not too sure whether much working out is taking place at the gym when they’re looking for “The One”, but just over 10% is a very high percentage, in comparison to what we would have imagined.
Start of the year!
Most of us know that at the beginning of a New Year, it’s time to work off the Christmas belly! A high number of gym member’s sign up to gyms in January, yet a lot of those memberships are short lived, according to the Fitness Industry Association, after 24 weeks most people have quit or stopped attending.
Last, but not least… People lie about going to the gym
Who would have thought it, huh? Amongst the 2,000 people that took part in the study 13% of them lied about going to the gym, and actually went somewhere else when they told somebody that they were going to the gym!! Where can they be going?!
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