I’ve never lifted weights before, what should I expect?
Despite what you think, it doesn’t matter if you can Bench Press over 100kg or if you don’t know what a Bench Press is – our programmes are designed to build strength from any base. They are modified and scaled for you and your current level of strength and fitness. Our team of PTs are there to make sure your technique is correct throughout all the group sessions. We strive to give you the best experience every time you train with us.


As a woman, will lifting weights not make me bulky?
NO. We have no interest in turning you into a body builder – this is definitely not our thing! Our programmes will help you get leaner, more toned and ever closer to the body shape that you desire.


Do I still need to watch what I eat even though I’m exercising?
As good as our programmes are they cannot overcome a poor diet or lifestyle. If you want to see the results that so many of our clients have already seen- good nutrition is key. We will provide you with a nutrition plan to follow, try it for 30 days and see how amazing you feel after it. You’ll see how much more you get out of your training and how much more energy you have throughout your day.


What if I cannot make the times on the timetable?
Don’t fear we have this covered. Our open gym hours mean that you can come in and follow our programmes outside our scheduled sessions. One of PTs will always be at hand if you need advice.


What happens after my 7-day trial?
It’s totally up to you. You can carry on and become a full member of our #fitfam on either our group session membership or book personal training sessions with one of our PTs. Or if you decide Pioneer Fitness isn’t for you we can part ways with no hard feelings.


Where are you based?
Our private personal training & strength and conditioning facility is located at:
Unit E7,
Kingfisher Estate,
Hawthorne Road,
Liverpool L20 6PF.
It’s about a 5-10 minute drive north of the city centre and about 8 minutes from Crosby Village.