New Year means New Year’s resolutions. On the face of it, making resolutions in January makes perfect sense. It’s a New Year and chance for a fresh start. Also, if resolutions are centred on living a healthier lifestyle: eating better or drinking less – then immediately after Christmas is the perfect time. Some people over-indulge so much over the festive season to the point that they’ve actually had enough of eating and drinking by the end of December!

A combination of that, and the struggle to fit into your trousers on the first day back at work in January, is often all the incentive you need to do something about it. Sadly, most New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned by the end of January. Gyms see a sharp spike in memberships at the start of each year.

A regular gym-goer will notice how busier their gym becomes in January. They’ll spot the gym newbies easily – clearly identifiable in their shiny new gym wear. And by the middle of February half of the newbies have disappeared into dust and the regulars have their gym back!