Why? Well, to put it simply – strength and conditioning is for everyone as it’s great for everyone! Of course, strength and conditioning training has long been associated with sport. It’s true that, regardless of the sport, strength and conditioning has a significant part to the play in training regimes – whether it’s swimming, football, boxing and countless other sports – S & C training is important for them all.
But, you don’t have to be seriously into sports or an elite athlete to get a lot out of strength and conditioning. If lean muscle, increased strength and sky high fitness levels sound good to you, strength and conditioning is most definitely for you.

And it really is for everyone too. There is stacks of research out there hailing the benefits of strength and conditioning for the young – from kids to adolescents and teenagers. And yes… Ladies, strength and conditioning is also for you too! There’s a common misconception among women that lifting weights is going to make you seriously bulk out and big. This is not the case – lifting to lose is the order of the day at Pioneer Fitness!